Above is a brand-new video I made today entitled "The Gods are Always Near."

It explores five categories of evidence found in ancient myths from around the world which demonstrate to us that the gods and goddesses work out their purposes through men and women in this material realm, and that the gods are in fact always close at hand and available to us.

Literalist Christianity has waged a centuries-long campaign to divorce men and women from the ancient gods, as well as from the rhythms of the earth and the heavens, from the power of the Invisible Realm, from the realm of Nature, from one another, and even from our own Selves.

However, we still have access to the ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories given to every culture of humanity, on every inhabited continent and island of our planet -- and those ancient traditions show us that the gods are real, that they are present, and that they dwell in mortal men and women.

This fact should impact the way we see and interact with every other man, woman and child, in whom the gods also dwell -- and it should also impact the way we live our own lives.

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