There's still time to order and receive signed copies of any of my books prior to your favorite winter-solstice-related celebrations or observances, for most locations in North America. 

To order signed copies, please visit this page

Payment options include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and most bank cards. You will see PayPal as the top payment option when you begin the ordering process, but down below the "buy now with PayPal" button will be another button for other payment options.

There will also be an opportunity to specify names and spelling for a personalized inscription.

Signed copies purchased through that site do require shipping and tax. The site is set up for shipping rates within the united states -- there is a contact page linked at that location for those wishing to order shipments to other locations, or those who wish to purchase multiple copies or place other unusual orders.

Of course, you can also order the books through your local bookstore and avoid paying shipping (as well as avoiding sales tax, if you happen to live in a state that does not charge sales tax), although it may take some time for them to get them in stock, so you want to do that right away if you need it prior to the winter solstice period. They won't be able to order inscribed copies, however.

You can also order the books through online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and others -- some of them offer free shipping. Of course, they won't be able to obtain signed copies either.

All of my books are also typically available through Amazon as well. Strangely, Star Myths of the World, Volume Three (Star Myths of the Bible) has been "temporarily out of stock" on Amazon for over a month on their united states website. Repeated attempts to get them to figure out the problem have so far not met with success. They do have the book available in sites for some other countries. 

Amazon's inability (or refusal) to figure out their inventory stocking issues on their united states site during the entire month of December and almost all of November appears to be their own internal issue, since the book has been available on other sites such as Barnes & Noble for the entire time (here is the link to the book on Barnes & Noble, who can get it to you in two days and usually offer free shipping).

I'm also sure that Amazon will eventually figure out their inventory issues for that title, as they have all of my others available in stock. Unless they really just don't like Star Myths of the Bible over there (or winter solstice holiday sales) and wish to discourage purchases by listing it as "temporarily" out of stock.

If you do order any of my books at this time of year, from whatever sales channel, I hope that they will be a blessing to you, or to whoever reads them!

Table of contents and some sample internal content for each title is available for web viewing here.