In an effort to create a place where those interested can access as much Star Myth information as I can point them towards at this time with the resources available to me, I am creating a new website called star myth world dot com (

It is still under construction -- and I intend to continue to improve it over time.

There you will find (so far):

  • Analysis of selected Star Myths of the World.
  • This blog and all its back content, fully searchable; I will also continue to post at this location, so you are free to continue to find the blog here, or you may prefer to follow it over there so that "everything is in one place." The blog in this location has a "translation" button for those who wish to use it, so I will continue running it for those who require that, but otherwise just about everything available here will be available there.
  • A helpful Resources page, where you will find a list of available online texts to related content. Note that the link to this section is found at the bottom footer on each page, but not at the top.

It's still in progress, so please check back often!