Here is a link to a new video I just made entitled "Night Skies for November (any year)."

The video provides a tour of some of the stars and constellations that you can go outside and observe at this time of year, as well as some tips on locating and identifying them.

The video also discusses connections to a few selected myths and sacred stories which are based upon the stars and constellations visible in the night sky right now.

Friends following this blog will know that I recently appeared on the Grimerica Show with Darren and Graham to discuss the "Skies over Grimerica" for the month of November. Due to the limitations of time, we couldn't cover all of the constellations that you can go outside and see during this time of year -- so I've added this video for those who might find it helpful for their star-gazing efforts.

There are still plenty more myths and constellations to discuss in upcoming installments of the "Skies over Grimerica" feature -- in fact, I focus the myth discussions in the above video on constellations which will soon be rotating out of the post-sunset night sky (as the earth progresses along its annual orbit, we "leave some constellations behind" which sink down into the west a little bit further each night until they are out of view below the western horizon by the time the sun sets and the other stars come into view).

I hope this video will help you in your visits to the night sky, and in your understanding of the connections between the stars and the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories.