Above is a new video inviting you to participate in an upcoming course offered in conjunction with Ananda University on the "Celestial Foundations of Biblical Mythology."

This course is web-based and will include plenty of time for questions and dialogue. We will look at some of the evidence which shows that the figures and episodes found in the scriptures of what are commonly called the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are based upon the world-wide system of celestial metaphor which forms the foundations of the ancient scriptures, myths and sacred stories from cultures around the globe.

The live webinar begins at on December 2nd at 7pm Pacific Time, or 10pm Eastern Time, which corresponds to 3am on December 3rd in UTC. The webinar is scheduled to run for ninety minutes (until 8:30 Pacific Time).

The course costs $20 USD, but after you click "Add to Cart" on the web-page linked above, you can enter the coupon code holiday17-50 to receive 50% off the standard price.

You will also receive a code to access the video archive of this course a week or two after the live event.

If you're unable to participate in this course at the above-scheduled time, there should be a way to purchase access to the archived video for some price less than the standard $20 cost for the live class (but higher than the cost of the course using the 50% discount that you will get when you use the coupon code above).

I very much hope that you will be able to join me as we explore the celestial foundations of the incredible riches of the ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories of the world!