I've been thinking about ways to make some shorter videos for those who may prefer to see a more focused topic than a twenty- or thirty-minute video that covers more ground but which also takes longer to watch.

Here is a new video entitled "Meet the Gods in the Stars," showing some of the figures in ancient myth who are associated with the constellation Hercules.

The gods and all the figures of ancient myth are seen in the stars of the infinite heavens. You can see them for yourself, but only if you know the outlines of the constellations -- and as this video demonstrates, the outlines of the constellations continue to be deliberately obfuscated, as if to prevent us from seeing the truth, that the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories are built on a world-wide foundation of celestial metaphor.

We can meet the gods ourselves if we learn how to listen to the myths in the language they are actually speaking: the language of the stars.