I've just posted a new video entitled "Meet the Gods in the Stars, Part 2: Aquarius" as a follow-up to the previous video, which was also entitled "Meet the Gods in the Stars" and which focused primarily on the constellation Hercules and some of the gods and mythical figures of the Infinite Realm whose characteristics we understand by seeing the visible stars of Hercules in the heavens.

The goal when making this latest series of videos is to keep them short and focused.

Nevertheless, despite its relatively short length, this new video examines some deities not previously discussed in any blog post, book or video thus far, including the goddess Ganga of India and the  somewhat hermaphroditic god Hapi of ancient Egypt.

The constellation Aquarius is an extremely important celestial figure, and hundreds of other connections could be discussed in addition to those touched upon in this video.\

The gods and all the figures of ancient myth, from virtually every culture on our planet, can be seen in the stars of the infinite heavens.

The ancient wisdom imparted to our ancestors in remote antiquity as a precious inheritance is as necessary today as it has ever been -- perhaps even more necessary. We can go to the ancient sources themselves to hear the message they want to tell us, but in order to do so, it is most helpful to listen to them in the language that they are actually speaking: the language of celestial metaphor, the language of the stars.

Know the stars -- Change the world.

The Truth is Up There.